Today is the 24.03.2020.
Never have I even considered saying this but it looks like that I am stuck. Stuck in Australia.
Stuck thousands of kilometres away from home.

Well, it is not just me. Thousand and millions of people are stuck – somewhere.
The world is stuck.
The world is slowing down. Coming to halt.

Have we – the human race – over done it ?

The world is sick. They call it Corona Virus or Covid-19 or Sars-CoV-2.
A Virus.
There aren’t any antibiotics for a virus.
We can just fight the symptoms as we get sick.
We may walk out of it alive.
Or we might not.                                                              

I am fortunate to be stuck in a country with a good health system, with a language I am able to speak and understand as well as having a place where I can go (if the worst-case hits).
And I am grateful for that as I know that others aren’t in such a fortunate position. That others are homeless or stranded in a country where they aren’t welcome anymore, where they don’t speak the language or can’t get access to health care.

But still … I want to go home.
Can I ? No idea.

Australia has thrown countless challenges at me, since I came here last November.
But life does to all of us. Doesn’t it ?
This challenge isn’t one which is only affecting me, it is a global one. It affects all of us. Everyone.
Age doesn’t matter. Gender doesn’t matter. Race doesn’t matter. Neither does sexual orientation, religion or origin. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. It doesn’t matter if you are having a job or if you are unemployed. If you have a roof over your head or if you’re homeless.

In this, we are all the same. As we are anyway !

I’ve been sitting here, in my AirBnB in Perth. Beautiful skies outside, almost 30°. It feels surreal. It seems like a bubble while out there … whilst out there a war began.
I want to be home. Near family and friends. I want to help.

I am not too scared of the virus. Yeah, it may make me sick. Proper sick, as I am kinda at risk (“Hello asthma.”).
But I want to help. Don’t just sit on my bum waiting for the world to recover.
I want to help it to get better. And there are so many ways to do so (even with social distancing).

I am more worried about the time during this sickness. Worried about the aftermath.
This is a test – for humanity, for solidarity, for the global community.

It is a crisis. A scary situation. It will hit us – probably harder than we can imagine. And yes, that is frightening, worrying, devastating. It is okay to be in fear. It is okay to be sad and cry.
But we don’t stand alone. We got this. Don’t we ?!
We can still dry each other’s tears, support each other, be there for each other.

Despite all this mess, all the chaos and all the struggles, I have hope. Faith. I have to. We have to !
Until it is all over we have to stay home. Most of us.
Until then we support all the ones who have to go to work and who keep the system going. Who are doing a bloody important job – saving life’s as well as dealing with selfish idiots at the supermarkets.

Take care !
Be safe, enjoy the spring, have snacks at home, learn new recipes, skype family and friends, meditate, write the book you always wanted to write, set up the online business you always dreamed of, decorate the house and do some work in the garden, work yourself through the pile of books, watch Netflix and drink tea, listen to podcasts and audio books, support your local grocery stores, bakeries etc as well as your favourite restaurant (take away is still allowed), go for walks, exercise at home and don’t forget to BREATH.

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