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Welcome dear visitor, to tinkiis world 🙂
You may wonder, tinkiis world who?

Let me tell you a just a few little things about me so you get a glimpse of who I am 🙂
I am Tinka, born in the year 1988 and proud to be 30 🙂 (30 is the new 20, right? ;)).
I am a Social Worker, a Traveller, an Explorer, a Photograper and a Dreamer. I am a barefoot walker and a hippie by heart.

Being raised in the rainy and windy north of Germany (not quite the coast though) left me drawn and attached to the ocean, the beach, the seaside, the salty wind and the freedom it represents.
So far, life hasn’t given me a house by the sea just yet but Berlin is just another amazing place and city to live in and I am proud to be able to call it (my chosen) home.
Berlin is where my heart lives and for the past ten years Berlin has been my base, my anchor, my home and my safe zone.

I studied and worked here, met new people and made friends, lost friends, fell in love and suffered from broken hearts, I explored and ate my way through vegan cakes and numerous Vietnamese restaurants, I partied, stayed up all night and got lost in the Berlin streets, I went to concerts, shows and theater plays, I sat in parks and on rooftop bars, drank an enormous amount of teas in countless hipster cafes and I spend wonderful hours with precious people who I can call friends.

Berlin is a melting pot and pushes your boundaries. You can’t help but grow.

As long as I can remember I had the urge to explore. I was a curious child and while traveling to China in 2007 I discovered my travel soul and got infected with the travel bug. I think it’s fair to say, as there is no cure, I am a travel addict 😉

Traveling is my passion, my hobby, my uplift during dark times, my way to approach life and my motivation. It can be scary, exhausting, painful and anything else but pretty. But it is also rewarding, beautiful and life changing. Traveling taught me millions of lessons and let me become and grow into the person I am today. As well as establish a way of how I view life.

Saying I was born an raised in Germany and also living in Berlin but writing in English may confuse you. But let me explain really quick (a different article will explain in more detail). I was never actually any good in English in school. Whilst traveling as well as living and working in the UK, English became a language I needed not only to be able to speak but also to comprehend and have the ability to use it in a professional context. Over time I became more and more attached to the language and now I really do miss not being able to speak it sometimes.
It just feels like home, too.

Last but not least … 10 fun facts about me:

  • There are some days when I just drink tea #teaaddict
  • I love chocolate and I do believe in the “dessert stomach theory”
  • I talk too fast
  • I collect travel guides
  • One Phó a day keeps the doctor away #pholover
  • Hedgehogs are really cute – fact 😉
  • Ashtanga-Yogini
  • I’m a spiritual character
  • I like to read thrillers – some friends say that at least one person dies in each book I read …
  • I collect guide books as well as postcards from the place I travelled to

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