chaotic everyday life and wanderlust

Sometimes, sometimes it feels like I’m lunging. Like trying to do a lunge as wide as I’ve never done before.
Lunging between everyday life and wanderlust.
Something is pulling me – out into the big, unknown, beautiful world.
My little travel heart wants to explore. Discover new worlds. Make new experiences.
Sometimes, my itchy feet really unsettle me so I can hardly bear it.

It’s clocked up in my chest, trying to get out, wanting to be lived, screaming to be free.
Taking up space, making itself notice – as much as it can.
I want to give in. Give the urge to travel the space it’s demanding.
I wanna free it from its cage.

If, if I open the cage doors, and wanderlust wanders of, hand in hand with curiosity, my little travel heart can’t contain itself and is beaming of happiness.
Freeing the little creatures, which are living in my heart, is deliberating.
Watching them play, explore, wander, looking behind every obstacle, checking every corner, smell every flower, try every food.
Seeing them being brave, bold and not daunted by anything.
Observing them trying everything new with delight, opening unknow doors – unafraid – feel their excitement.

I feel freedom. Joy. Happiness.

During every day life the cage doors are closed too often. Too long.
There are too little opportunities to open them. But small trips can be enough to do so.

But what is the everyday life is really taking from them, locked up in a cage?
Curiosity is rattling on the cage, trying to squeeze through the barriers.
And wanderlust? It is usually huddled up in the corner, big tears dropping to the ground, sobbing.

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